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I could live my life on Pinterest. It caters to all my quirks in addition to my love of cork board. I created this Pinterest board to the YA Scavenger Hunt last month. I’ll post the link here in case you want to look around. It has some of my favorite websites about Angel Island … Continue reading

Angel Island Poetry


For National Poetry Month, I am posting poems from the walls of the barracks on Angel Island. For today… There are tens of thousands of poems composed on these walls. They are all cries of complaint and sadness. The day I am rid of this prison and attain success, I must remember that this chapter … Continue reading

Poetry of Angel Island


Happy National Poetry Month. I thought I would celebrate by sharing some of my favorite poems from the Angel Island Immigration Station. Angel Island was the point of entry for almost 300,000 immigrants coming to America from 1910-1940. The majority of those immigrants (around 175,000) were from China. The process of immigrating and landing on … Continue reading

History of Chinese Immigration


This is a great overview of Chinese immigration in America.

Angel Island’s Many Stories

dock arrival

All of my research only confirmed the gut reaction that I had when I first heard about Angel Island. I knew it was a special place. I recently came across two stories of European Jews who fled Germany to America via Angel Island. Eva Shott and her family escaped Berlin in 1940. Lotte Loebl Frank left Austria … Continue reading

Angel Island


I want to spend a little time this week talking about the spark that started Jade Moon’s journey in my mind. In 2007 I was listening to a news piece on Angel Island. It was the seed that grew into Jade Moon’s story. I couldn’t find the original radio piece, but below is the link to … Continue reading

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