Welcome to the YA Scavenger Hunt


Hello! I am Kay Honeyman, your hostess for this leg of the hunt. On this hunt, you not only get access to exclusive content from each participating YA author, you also get a secret number. Add up the numbers, and enter for a chance to win a major prize–one lucky winner will receive at least … Continue reading

Spring 2014 YA Scavenger Hunt Authors Announced

scavenger hunt

Spring 2014 YA Scavenger Hunt Authors Announced! Hello YA fans. It’s time once again for our Spring YA Scavenger Hunt. For those of you who’ve joined us before, welcome back! I am on the Blue Team! If you’re a newbie, you’re in for a treat! Twice a year we seek out fantastic YA authors with … Continue reading

Put down the book and back away.


Happy Banned Book Week!   Celebrate your right to read by picking up a banned or challenged book. I put together some of my favorites in the link below.   Click here to see my board of some of my favorite banned and challenged books! “If there’s one American belief I hold above all others, … Continue reading

Authors Announced – YA Scavenger Hunt Fall 2013

scavenger hunt

I am excited to take part in the Fall 2013 YA Scavenger Hunt. Authors post tons of bonus material (extended scenes, cover reveals, extra info). Readers win books (each author gives away at least one book).  I’m on the Blue team! Click here for the YA Scavenger Hunt’s website. Posts go up Oct. 3 at noon … Continue reading

Poetry of Angel Island


Happy National Poetry Month. I thought I would celebrate by sharing some of my favorite poems from the Angel Island Immigration Station. Angel Island was the point of entry for almost 300,000 immigrants coming to America from 1910-1940. The majority of those immigrants (around 175,000) were from China. The process of immigrating and landing on … Continue reading

Fire Horse Girl – Released this Week and Giveaway


There is a giveaway of The Fire Horse Girl and a listing of all the great books coming out this week on Adventures in YA and Children’s Publishing. It is a great site in general, so after you sign up for the giveaway, look around. Also, I will be guest-posting an Inspired Openings blog post next Monday. … Continue reading

Letters About Literature


Here is a plug for one of my favorite writing activities and contests for students. For Letters About Literature, students are asked to reflect on the value a book has brought to their life – how has it changed their view of themselves or the world . I love the topic. I have had students … Continue reading

Examining Character


We were looking at character in my eighth-grade English class. We had done the standard – what they do, what they say, what others say about them, but I wanted them to look deeper. I wanted my students to draw conclusions and see the patterns and meaning behind the character’s behavior. Because that is when … Continue reading

Friday Reading


“Stories can teach, correct errors, lighten the heart and the darkness, provide psychic shelter, assist transformation and heal wounds.” – Clarissa Pinlola Estes, PhD In my English class we read every Friday. I am always so struck by the power of stories on these days. I watch my students enter the world of their stories, … Continue reading

Five Reasons to Read Legend

1. Two great characters! I mean really great. So great, they are each their own reason. First – Day. Day is a fifteen year old on the run. The Republic is desperate to catch him, but they don’t know exactly what he looks like. He is like a ghost with a Robin Hood complex. It just … Continue reading

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