Global Connections

Click below to support Global Community Transformation in Uganda.

Thank you for considering a donation to Global Community Transformation. I first met the director, Pastor Hosea, in 2009 when our students exchanged poems and letters. It didn’t take long to see something special in the students, the leadership, and the spirit of the school.

Their commitment to the academic, social, spiritual, and mental development of the child makes what many would see as impossible, possible. They form global partnerships with schools around the world so that the students get a broader perspective. Their Echo Freedom Choir showcases their children’s talents and brings hope to audiences everywhere by performing traditional dances and music along with original songs written by the children.

That brings me to another reason why I am so proud to represent this school – they dream big. They don’t stop at offering quality education to the children of the community. When the community needs a clinic, they start working toward creating the best clinic in the area. When parents struggle, they create a craft program to support the parents and the school and they dream of a vocational training center for the community. The school nurtures its students, supports its parents, and strengthens and enriches its community.  They are patient, focused, and faithful as they work toward these goals. And they never forget that the greatest changes come through an outpouring of hope and love.
If you would like to know more about the school, please visit their website –

Thank you so much for your support. Feel free to contact me if you have gifts of talents that might further help this school or a group or organization that would enjoy hearing about their wonderful work.

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