I have been working on my bio to go with my début novel The Fire Horse Girl.

Bios are funny things. You try to boil down the relevant pieces of your life to a few lines. In an attempt to say everything, sometimes I feel that I end up saying nothing.

So, this week I am going to have a little fun with the bio format. I got this idea from Shannon Hale’s site ( She did a short bio, a slightly-wordier bio, a meatier bio, and a bio as written by her husband and her toddler.

Here are a few bios I think other people would write:

Bio by my eighth graders:

Mrs. Honeyman is a, like, totally amazing teacher. She is really into this reading and writing stuff. Here is an interesting fact – she has this vein in her forehead that kind of pops out when she’s mad. (Is that good enough, Mrs. Honeyman? Can I go to the bathroom now?)

Bio by my yoga pants:

I don’t know much about what Kay Honeyman has done with her life. If you ask me, she mostly sits at the computer. I can tell you something she doesn’t do – yoga. You would think a person who owned three pairs of yoga pants would do more yoga. Nope.

Bio by my Barista:

Nonfat-caramel-latte spends her Saturdays parked in a corner eavesdropping on other people’s conversations. If she got a book out of it, more power to her. Now she can buy more of those yoga pants she likes so much.

Bio by my tenth grade geometry teacher:

Honestly, I didn’t see much a future for Kay Honeyman.

You can check out my real bio on the About page of this website. And, you can add your own bio from someone else’s point of view below.

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I am a writer and teacher living in Dallas, TX. Check out my first novel, THE FIRE HORSE GIRL or pre-order my second novel INTERFERENCE (Oct. 2016)

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