Angel Island

I want to spend a little time this week talking about the spark that started Jade Moon’s journey in my mind. In 2007 I was listening to a news piece on Angel Island. It was the seed that grew into Jade Moon’s story. I couldn’t find the original radio piece, but below is the link to one of the best introductions to Angel Island and its history that I found in my research. It was recorded in 2009 when Angel Island was being re-opened.

Eddie Wong is talking to Fresh Air’s Terry Gross about the history of the Immigration Station on Angel Island and the poetry found there. Eddie Wong was the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation’s Executive Director until he retired this summer. He is a bit of a celebrity to me since I have followed his voice through the Angel Island story since the beginning of the book. He has a gift for breathing life into to the history of the Immigration Station.

I hope you enjoy it!

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