Election Day

I love Election Day for a couple of reasons.

First, it is a day when rights and freedoms woven into the fabric of my daily life buzz with life. I take notice of them. It gives me a chance to appreciate the democracy that I too often take for granted.

I also love the unifying nature of Election Day. In the weeks and months leading up to Election Day we dwell on our differences. But, at the end of a long campaign, we vote together – not always for the same people or issues but, fundamentally, for the same reasons – because it is our right. It is another example of America’s beautiful mixture of unity and diversity, our determined independence that somehow ties us tighter to each other.

In honor of Election Day, here is an excerpt from The Fire Horse Girl. It was the section chosen for the jacket and one of my favorite conversations in the book. Happy Election Day!

“What do you think America will be like?” I asked Sterling Promise.

“Your uncle used to say that it was a place where stories began. A place where any ending was possible.”

My eyes widened. “Did Uncle like stories?”

“He liked possibilities,” he said. “I think America is a land that allows you to walk away from an old life into a better one.”

I nodded slowly.

“And you, what do you think it will be like?”

“It will have . . . what do you call it? Getting to live as who you are?”

“Freedom,” he said. But he wasn’t looking at me.

“That is what it will be. Freedom.”

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Kay Honeyman

I am a writer and teacher living in Dallas, TX. Check out my first novel, THE FIRE HORSE GIRL or pre-order my second novel INTERFERENCE (Oct. 2016)

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