Double Seventh Festival – Chinese Valentines Day

It is the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, also known as Double Seventh Day. I have often heard this day described as the Chinese Valentines Day although it seems to have its own unique traditions and celebrations. It’s also called Young Women’s Day or Daughter’s Day.

My favorite thing about this day – it’s the day that Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet. In The Fire Horse Girl, Jade Moon’s story circles around this traditional Chinese tale, not following it, but weaving in and out of it as her own story unfolds.

Almost as soon as I created Jade Moon, I knew that as tough and stubborn as Jade Moon was, deep down, she believed in love. I think believing in love take courage. It takes guts and a bold spirit. And it is one of my favorite things about her.

If you want to celebrate…

Read one of several versions of the story.

Watch this sand animation of the story. It doesn’t narrate the story, but the visuals created with two hands and sand are amazing. I am now addicted to these.

Set out a bowl to catch dew. Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet on the night of the Double Seventh and the dew that you catch  is the tears that fall when they meet.

A few other ideas from

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