Friday Fascinations

I love the word fascination. I feel like it’s on the right side of space between obsession and blasé. It promises more curiosity than knowledge, and taps into a deeper layer of concentration and focus. It’s exciting and hopeful and interesting.  These fascinations feed my thinking and writing. So, for Friday, Something fascinating –

I watched more than my fair share of Ted Talks. Smart people talking about issues and ideas that they are passionate about. Fascinating. But I hadn’t discovered TED-ed videos until recently. I’ve just started the hours I’ll probably spend watching these. They give fresh way to think of punctuation, words, elephants, stories, and life.

Here are some of my favorites…

How to Use a Comma

Why Elephants Never Forget

The Language of Lying

Thanks to the educators who explore unique ideas and the animators who bring them to life. If you have an idea for a lesson and want to submit a script, click here for the link.

Happy Friday!

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Kay Honeyman

I am a writer and teacher living in Dallas, TX. Check out my first novel, THE FIRE HORSE GIRL or pre-order my second novel INTERFERENCE (Oct. 2016)

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