The Fire Horse Girl

Booklist Starred Review

“First-time author Honeyman has researched the history of Angel Island and early twentieth century San Francisco carefully, yet the ultimate strength of this story is in her character Jade Moon. Her voice, authentic and consistent, transcends this historical fiction/adventure/love story to embrace every young woman who has ever searched for the real person hidden under the veneer of society’s expectations.”

Booklist Top Ten Historical Fiction – 2012-13

Parents’ Choice Gold Award

“This is a stellar story with a formidable protagonist, who, while being her own worst enemy, proves to be a noble friend to others.”

Publishers Weekly

“Debut author Honeyman faces head-on the racism and hardship that awaited Chinese immigrants.”

Kirkus Review

“Perilous, page-turning adventure in old Chinatown.”

Bulletin of the Center for Childrens Books

“Obvious love-story conventions point, of course, to a happy conclusion, but the twists and turns along the way make for pretty involving reading. Honeyman enriches the standard feisty-girl-in-disguise fare with plausible details about tong domination of gambling and prostitution, and she offers a nuanced look at the tongs, organizations that once provided order and support to an immigrant community until being overrun by corruption.”


Bloggin bout books 

“The Fire Horse Girl, a debut novel by Kay Honeyman, brings the Chinese immigrant experience to vivid life in a story that’s as exciting as it is heartfelt.  Jade Moon is a sympathetic heroine, likable because of both her bravery and vulnerability.  Her adventure doesn’t gloss over the harsh realities faced by Chinese immigrants in the 1920s—it celebrates their courage.  The Fire Horse Girl kept me thoroughly engrossed, totally entertained and thoroughly charmed.  I loved it.”

City of Books (blog)

“Kay Honeyman has written a fantastic debut, and I will now pick up anything she writes in the future. The writing is captivating, the characters are memorable, and the plot is paced perfectly. Don’t miss out on this one!”

Garden of Books (blog)

“The novel is rich with Chinese culture and the blending of tradition with a more modern character is intriguing and exciting.  There is a little bit of mystery and some romance to hook all types of readers, while still producing an engaging plot and mostly well developed characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel by Kay Honeyman and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.”

Good Books and Good Wine (blog)

“Obviously if you can’t tell by my mad ramblings, I am a huge fan of The Fire Horse Girl and totally want to push it on you. Like, this is one of those books that deserves more attention. It deserves to not be shoved aside by the more flashy paranormal or dystopian books. Instead, The Fire Horse Girl by Kay Honeyman deserves a spot right on center stage for it’s unique setting, strong writing, and FIERCE leading lady, Jade Moon.”

7 thoughts on “The Fire Horse Girl

  1. I LOVED this book! I cant wait to recommend it to my students. Have you written other books? You are an amazing author, every page had me turning for more.

  2. I love this book! It was so captivating and books about Asian heritage with a mix of action and romance have always been my favorite and hard to find. I bawled my eyes out on how wonderfully the book ended although I’m sad the two didn’t get together and now I’m longing for a second book.

  3. This book is really good! I couldn’t stop reading this book and managed to finish it in a couple of days. The amount of romance and action is perfect. I also love Sterling Promise’s cleverness.

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