China Trip 2012

We are back from our trip to China to get our beautiful baby girl (pictures of that tomorrow). I loved being back in China meeting new friends and visiting old friends.

Here are some pictures thanks to our official trip photographer – my dad. Thank goodness he was there because I took a total of four pictures.

I love the beauty that blossoms in the shadows of the skyscrapers and apartment buildings.

DSC04646_2     DSC04840

This is a man writing Chinese characters along a pathway with water.


Our guide took us to a local market in the oldest part of Guangzhou. “Just for taking pictures. Not for buying,” he explained. He was right. There were dried snakes, deer legs, shark fins. Jack, our guide explained that you eat what you need. If you want to run fast, you need deer legs.

DSC04916       DSC04912

And then there were the live scorpions. What a great market!


Dad got a picture of this balcony above the market. I really enjoyed this glimpse into the daily life of the people in Guangzhou.

DSC04942If you want to learn more about life in China, I recommend Peter Hessler’s books. Hessler is the Beijing correspondent for the New Yorker.  He has a knack for peeling back the layers of daily life to let the reader peer into the deep veins of culture that runs through the country.