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9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. just finished “THE FIRE HORSE GIRL”” really enjoyed the book–I always like reading about China -our daughter ,adopted from China in 1988, is now 17- time races on ,Xie!Xie! Cathy Riccio

  2. I loved “The Fire Horse Girl”! I’ve been searching for good novels to fill up my dull days, and most of the time, I found the stories or characters unsatisfying. Not so with your novel!

    Jade Moon is a great protagonist and awesome girl! I love her personality – her stubbornness, quick-thinking, cleverness, and good heart. Sterling Promise was such a interesting character as well, and I really enjoyed how you layered his seemingly self-driven life agenda with his inner kind personality. The plot was lovely, and I found my self shouting ‘ah-ha’ whenever I noticed historically accurate context within the novel. (Such as the vibrancy of old San Francisco and the situation of prostitution.)

    I eagerly await more of your novels!

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