Writer’s Workshops


Understanding Stories


Everyone has secrets, and our stories (real or imagined) form out of those secrets. In this session we will use real people’s secrets to explore characterization. We will learn the layers authors design into characters, and how those layers help us make inference and predictions in stories.

Grades – 512; Length – 50 -60 minutes


Getting Ideas

For some students, lightening strikes quickly. Most of us have to work for their ideas. Authors rely on a constant stream of ideas plucked from the world around them. This lesson takes three things from the world – something lived, something heard, and something seen. We will go through the process of synthesizing what we live, hear, and see to create ideas.

Grades – 5-12; Length – 50 -60 minutes


Structuring Stories

When writing, sometimes it is hard to know where to start. Drafting like an author often means outlining from the middle or the end. This session will show students how to use what they know about their story to fill in what they don’t know.

Grades – 5-12; Length – 50 -60 minutes



Dialogue has a complicated grammatical structure, layered purpose, and great potential. Authors use it to deliver information, characterization, and plot. This workshop uses knock-knock jokes to explore all of the potential in dialogue.

Grades – 5-12; Length – 50 -60 minutes

Making your Elaboration Matter

Elaboration is more than just adding some details. It is about adding the right details. Authors don’t only make a space, they also design a setting and details that have purpose and bring meaning. Students with work with their word choice to bring mood and meaning to their elaboration.

Grades – 5-12; Length – 50 -60 minutes


Winning Writing

Take you writing to the next level by exploring the contests and publishing opportunities available to young writers. Publishing gives your writing an audience. It can spark fresh ideas, inspire new writing, and provide valuable feedback. In this session, Students will explore contests open to young writers. We’ll also talk prizes and strategy. Leave inspired to create your own winning writing.

Grades – 5-12; Length – 50 -60 minutes


Contact Kay with any questions or to discuss scheduling – honeymankay@gmail.com

Full Day (up to 4 sessions) $800 (plus travel and lodging if not local)
½ Day (up to 2 sessions) $400 (plus travel and lodging if not local)
1 session $250 (plus travel and lodging if not local)
Skype $100